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This Coffee is Fruity - This Coffee Co.

This Coffee is Fruity!

No questions about this coffee's taste profile, THIS tried to get this coffee to be as fruity as possible.

This amazing washed Tanzanian coffee tastes like pineapple jam mixed with plums. It's a beautifully complex coffee with a tea-like body and a bitter-floral complexity in the finish that reminds us of black tea.

“Tanzanian coffees are sometimes difficult to find here, given that only about 7-10% of their exported coffee is imported into North America,” shared Dustin Ryan Yu, Green Buyer at our sister roastery, This Coffee Co.

“These coffees have a characteristic Tanzanian cup profile. I usually taste lots of fruit and oftentimes floral notes as a result of it being grown at a high altitude,” Yu furthered.

When you open this bag of coffee you might notice that the beans look slightly smaller, that’s because they are peaberries.

"Peaberry (PB) grade coffees usually look different because instead of two seeds growing inside a coffee cherry, it went through a mutation and became one! One thing I’ve noticed with peaberries is the increased intensity of flavour. Some think that it is because there were double the nutrients during the growing process!”

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Those crazy fruit notes? Paired perfectly well with a chocolate collab with Chachalate. Find it here.

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