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This Coffee is Fruity!

No questions about this coffees' taste profile, THIS tried to get this coffee to be as fruity as possible.

We would describe this coffee as a fruit bomb without the over fermented notes you can sometimes get with a naturally processed coffee. It’s a clean cup, with sweet fruit-forward notes that remind us of plum, stone fruits, blackberry, and a nice chocolate undertone tying it all together. A super complex cup of coffee with an exceptional fruity profile (that pops, even more, when it cools).

This coffee was naturally produced in the northern province of Burundi, Kanyanza, which is quite close to the Rwandan border. This coffee was washed at a station that’s all the way up at 1,893 MASL - and that high altitude is very much contributing to the complex cup.

The exporter of this coffee is GreenCo, and if you’ve ever had an amazing cup of coffee from Burundi, there’s a high chance it’s from one of their washing stations. Their processes are very much dialed in - and that’s backed up by their coffees taking the top spot at the Burundi 2015 Cup of Excellence.

Their quality is impressive - but we love them for more than that. They want to build a better future for the next generations through the production of coffee. They pay their producers well, and on time.

This Coffee is Fruity // This Coffee is Local // This Coffee is Ethical // This Coffee is Environmentally Friendly // This Coffee is Delicious

Those crazy fruit notes? Paired perfectly well with a chocolate collab with Chachalate. Find it here.

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