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This Coffee is Fruity!

No questions about this coffees' taste profile, THIS tried to get this coffee to be as fruity as possible.

We would describe this coffee as a fruit-bomb without the over fermented notes you can sometimes get with a naturally processed coffee. It has a clean texture, with sweet fruit-forward notes that remind us of strawberry, peach, orange, along with tropical fruits like guavas and underripe bananas. A super complex cup of coffee with an exceptional fruity profile. 

This coffee was naturally produced in Aiyura area of the Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The quality control team is meticulous with their procedures at this coffee-growing estate. Each varietal is grown in a separate lot and is processed in isolation - to properly work with the nuances of each specific coffee varietal. It’s an Arusha & Bourbon varietal lot, grown at 1850 MASL!

Those crazy fruit notes? Paired perfectly well with a chocolate collab with Chachalate. Find it here.

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