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This Coffee is Fruity - This Coffee Co.

This Coffee is Fruity!

No questions about this coffee's taste profile, THIS tried to get this coffee to be as fruity as possible.

If you like a little fruitiness in your brew we’ve got you covered! This amazing natural-processed coffee from Papua New Guinea tastes like a juicy bite of strawberry mingled with some orange and peach notes! It’s a citrusy, fruit-forward cup that carries the heavenly aroma of ripe berries as you brew.

This tantalizing coffee hails from the underrepresented coffee origin of Papua New Guinea. If you're a fan of the lighter, tea-like brews of Ethiopia, then you're going to fall in love with this origin. It outputs the same level of quality from the famous birthplace of coffee, with a unique range of flavours that makes this a coffee-growing region on the rise. 

The natural processing lends a hand to creating a juicy profile with just the right amount of funk. You won't find any of the over-fermented notes you can sometimes get with a naturally processed coffee. 

These beans originated from the Baroida Estate, located in the Eastern Highlands Province. The estate was founded in the 1960’s by Ben Colbran, whose son now runs the show with his own two sons. Baroida Estate continues to push the envelope by experimenting with different processing methods and making huge strides in cup quality. We're always excited to see what next year's harvest is going to bring!

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