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Single-Origin Yabukita Matcha Powder

Yabukita is a variety of matcha used in over 75% of production in Japan for its bright complexity and long finish, but it is very rare to see it on its own. Fujioka's farm grows this organic, micro-lot of Yabukita specifically for JagaSilk (for 4 years and counting!), and the quality of this delicious matcha shows in the cup with sweet floral tasting notes. 

Estate: Fujioka’s micro-lot
Cultivar: Yabukita
Elevation: 200 MASL
Tasting Notes: Sugared potato, violet

This single-origin matcha powder was milled on a Japanese mill in Victoria, BC.

Vegan - Direct Trade - Organic

20g tin. Shipped from Toronto, Ontario.

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