Hario V60-02 Switch Immersion Dripper

By Hario


Enhance your coffee brewing game with countless combinations of steep-and-release recipes. The SWITCH immersion dripper expands the possibilities of the pourover process by allowing full control of when you're ready so you get as much extraction as you want. 


How it works:

This dripper extracts coffee after immersing the ground coffee in hot water. Then, when your desired steep time has been reached, just press the switch on the base, which releases the freshly brewed coffee into your cup. It starts dripping after the SWITCH is pressed, allowing anyone to extract the coffee evenly. This allows you to control the extracting by time, and pour technique becomes a little less essential.

Perfect extraction, simplified.



  • Includes 40 V60-02 filters
  • Practical Capacity: 200ml or 360mL
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heatproof Glass Dripper
  • Stainless Steel Ball
  • PCT Resin Switch
  • Silicone Rubber Base
  • All Parts Made in Japan


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