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This Coffee is Fruity - This Coffee Co.

This Coffee is Fruity!

No questions about this coffees' taste profile, THIS tried to get this coffee to be as fruity as possible.

If you like a little fruitiness in your brew we’ve got you covered. This amazing Ethiopian natural-processed coffee tastes like chocolate-covered cherries, pomegranate, and plum! It’s a clean cup with sweet fruit-forward notes (that pops, even more, when it cools). 

Hailing from the West Guji zone of Ethiopia, this coffee was grown at 1850 MASL. The higher altitude lending itself to a slower-growing cherry, creating a sweet bean with loads of complexity. The bean’s heirloom variety consists of 74110, 74112, and 74148, all of which have ties to ancient Ethiopia.

The natural processing lends a hand to creating a juicy profile with just the right amount of funk, without the over fermented notes you can sometimes get with a naturally processed coffee. 

The beans originated from the Sakicha washing station, owned by third-generation farmer Beniam Nardos. He runs a quality-focused organization with an attention to detail on coffee uniformity from farm to mill. We love that we get the chance to work with this pro and help support a farm that’s dedicated to growing amazing coffee.


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Those crazy fruit notes? Paired perfectly well with a chocolate collab with Chachalate. Find it here.

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