This is our preferred method because the ice doesn't melt during the brewing process – you add it in after the coffee has been brewed. We accounted for the coffee ratios too, so you wont be getting watered down coffee when the ice does melt.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Hario V60 & Filters

• 150 grams of Water at 200 F (We like a kettle with a gooseneck to make pouring easy)

• 150 grams of Ice Cubes

• 20 grams of finely ground coffee


The Steps:

1. Rinse the V60 and filter with hot water to remove any paper taste that the filter may have & to heat the vessel.

2. Put the V60 over an empty mug and add the 20 grams of finely ground coffee to the V60 filter.

3. Pour 40 grams of the hot water for 40 second bloom.

4. Slowly pour the remaining 110 grams of water. Total brewing should take 2 minutes.

5. Add in the 150 grams of ice to the brew in the mug and enjoy!

June 28, 2023 — Zara Snitman

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