We want to make the most of these last couple of weeks of warm weather. So, it's time to experiment with a new version of iced coffee! We all love a cold brew but have you ever tried an iced AeroPress?

Dustin, our Director of Coffee shared with us his favourite iced AeroPress recipe and why he loves it so much.

"I love this recipe because it preserves the coffee's brightness. Iced coffees can sometimes have muted acidity when the hot coffee is allowed to oxidize as it cools. So, pressing hot coffee directly over ice can reduce oxidation, highlighting the naturally occurring acids for a balanced and refreshing cup."

What you need:

 •Aeropress or Aeropress Go.

A filter of choice (Aesir preferred, or double layered Aeropress standard filters).

• 20g of coffee (medium grind, approx. 900 microns).

• 160g of water at 97°C/206°F.

• 140g of ice.

• 30g of cold water.

• Carafe or vessel for your Aeropress.

• Serving glass.


The Steps:

1. Start by adding 140g of ice and 30g of cold water into your carafe; set aside.

2. Place your paper filter into the AeroPress cap.

3. Wet your filter to rinse out any undesirable flavours.

4. Put the plunger into your AeroPress and invert so the coffee chamber faces upwards.

5. Grind your coffee and pour the 20g of ground coffee into the chamber.

6. Start your timer and add 160g of water to your chamber.

7. At 1m00s, put the cap on the AeroPress.

8. At 1m10s, carefully turn your assembled AeroPress onto your carafe.

9. Swirl the AeroPress once to release any coffee stuck to the internal plunger.

10. At 1m30s, slowly press the plunger for 30 seconds until complete.

11. Stir the coffee and ice mixture.

    September 26, 2022 — Zara Snitman

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