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Aerobie AeroPress Go Coffee Maker (with 350 Filters, Mug with Lid, Scoop & Stirrer)

The AeroPress has always been a great travel coffee maker but now there is an improved version designed specifically for travelling! The AeroPress Go is slightly smaller than the regular AeroPress AND it comes with a mug (and lid) into which all the components fit!

If you're not familiar with the AeroPress, you might be surprised that this odd-looking contraption can actually make great coffee. AeroPress coffee tastes better because the ground coffee is completely immersed in the hot water, which gives a fast extraction of the coffee flavour compounds. It can be used with a brew time of about 2 minutes or less, but is very forgiving for someone new to brewing coffee. Add convenient and fast to the 'pro' column. You can learn how to brew it by watching our brew guide for the AeroPress!

This AeroPress Go also comes with 350 paper filters, a travel holder for 20 filters, the mug and lid, a stirrer and a scoop for coffee!

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