There is nothing better than a perfect cup of coffee in the great outdoors! Even if you’re roughing it, you should be able to brew up a delicious coffee, right? We put together an AeroPress brew guide with some tips and tricks to help you pull off a tasty cup while camp-side. The AeroPress is light and durable making it the perfect camping brew method. 

What You'll Need

1. An AeroPress or AeroPress Go

2. A filter of choice (Aesir preferred, or double layered AeroPress standard filters)

3. 15g of coffee (medium grind, approx. 800 microns)

4. Pre-weighed before camping, or you can use the AeroPress cap for a perfect 15g, ground or whole bean!

5. 200g of water at 92°C/197°F

• Or 1-minute off-boil temperature.

• You can heat it over a stove/ burner, or over a campfire for smoky water flavour!

• You can also bring your own custom water if you wanted to!

 6. 40g of room temperature water

7. Scale & timer

• Optional, if you don’t bring one, you can use the numbers along the AeroPress!

8. Carafe or vessel for your AeroPress

How to make it

1. Place your paper filter into the AeroPress cap.

2. Wet your filter to rinse out any undesirable flavours.

3. Put the plunger into your AeroPress and invert so the coffee chamber faces upwards.

• If you don’t have a scale, put the plunger just underneath the #4 marking when upright.

4. Pour the 15g of ground coffee into the chamber.

5. Start your timer, and carefully add 200g of hot water.

• Or use the #4 on the main chamber!

6. Stir 5 times.

7. At 1m00s, put the cap on the AeroPress.

8. At 1m10s, carefully turn your assembled AeroPress onto your carafe.

9. Swirl the AeroPress once to release any coffee stuck to the internal plunger.

10. At 1m30s, slowly press the plunger for 30 seconds until complete.

11. This recipe makes a coffee that is at 1:13 strength. For more clarity at something closer to 1:16, add 30 to 40ml of bypass water as required.

12. Enjoy!

August 30, 2022 — Zara Snitman

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