Virtual Coffee Tasting

Six Coffees - Blind!

The six coffees we send will be represented only by a numbered bag - as we want to keep the tasting blind.
We don't want any preconceived notions about what coffees you like or don't like to impact the tasting!
Mailed right to each participants' home.
Our Head Educator (and massive coffee nerd) Grant will dive into coffees, explain more about what coffee even is, give brewing tips, tasting tips and will cap it all off with a Q&A. The session will run for about 45 minutes.
"We had a blast! And everyone was really appreciative of getting more coffee knowledge on top of tasting some yummy coffees! Really lovely experience! I hope I can get some more folks together for another round!"
"Grant is such a coffee nerd and definitely connected with the group! I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from the session. We felt really lucky as Grant was able to share his knowledge but use examples from some of our local establishments. As well, he really encouraged people to reach out directly to him... I may have reached out already. :)"
Looking for more? Want to add on a brewer for the participants? Or, perhaps some chocolates to snack on during the tasting? No problem! Just leave that in the contact form below. We've got you covered!