September 2018

Featured In September 2018

Cut Coffee
Katia Duke Lots #5, #7, #8, #11

Special Edition:

This month our subscribers got one of four special coffees from the same farm. Different lots, different processes, unique deliciousness!

Kittel Coffee
Rio Brilhante Canário

"There's a balance of fruit and chocolate. There’s this supple quality of a really ripe papaya - it's sweet. On the finish, there’s a citrus or passionfruit acidity."

Liam Robichaud,

Director of Coffee & Quality Control




Propeller Coffee Co.
San Ramon

“It's all about the complexity and layers of flavour versus one huge overriding flavour note. You get a very gentle acidity right off the bat, then it fades into this butterscotch and a really long chocolatey aftertaste.”

Jonathan Cox,

Head Roaster at Propeller Coffee Co.