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The Roasters Pack

October 2018

Featured In October 2018

Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters
Alex Reynoso

“It's classic chocolate, honey, caramel. Really sweet. We always call them gulpers - you know, you kind of finish the coffee before you recognize you finished it and then you're like, 'F**k.'”

Drew Johnson,





Rosso Coffee Roasters
Buena Vista

“I'd say like balance is the ultimate descriptor here… stone fruit, plum, maybe apricot, golden raisin, a little bit of dried fruit in there. Iced tea too - like a sweet tea. Then a tiny nutty quality – a cashew or almond.”

Cole Torode,

Partner/Director of Coffee


Dried Fruit


Detour Coffee Roasters

“The coffee is super juicy, vibrant, high-intensity. It has a sweetness that’s very fruit-forward with a lot of florals in the aromatics, a lot of sweetness reminiscent of raspberry jam and an acidity that sparkles a lot like candied lemon.”

Ryan McCabe,

Wholesale Manager

Raspberry Jam

Stewed Fruit

Lemon Candy


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