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The Roasters Pack

Featured In May 2019

Drumroaster Coffee
La Florida

“We’ve enjoyed super sweet cups, with a very forward milk chocolate note, and an after taste of shortbread and marmalade.”

Robert Freitas,

Business Development

Raspberry Jam



Detour Coffee Roasters
San Sebastian

“It has that strong raisin note on the verge of prune. It's got a molasses sweetness or almost like a honey kind of sweetness. There is that slightly heavier note too, but it's nice and sweet.”

Alfonso Tupaz,

Owner and CEO

Blood Orange


Grape Crush

Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters
Yunnan, China

“This particular has a deep blackberry and juicy red plum sweetness. The finish is elegant, pairing rich dark chocolate with just a hint of young red wine,”

Lee Knuttila,

Founder and Director of Coffee

Maple Syrup


Black Tea


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