Featured In May 2019

Drumroaster Coffee
La Florida

“The coffee tastes like raspberry-chocolate juice. It's high on the fruit spectrum for what we normally buy, but it's got body, structure and acidity that can balance that.”

Carsen Oglend,

Coffee Director

Raspberry Jam



Detour Coffee Roasters
San Sebastian

“It has the citrus and grape in the acidity but this syrupy, cola-like, grape soda body. And then it finishes really nice with a lot of sweetness and some chocolate and tropical fruit.”

Ryan McCabe,

Co-Director of Coffee

Blood Orange


Grape Crush

Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters
Yunnan, China

“It’s very thick, very syrupy. It really reminded me of if you just literally take a spoonful of maple syrup in terms of texture but also in terms of flavour. Then, there’s cherry juice and cooked cherries and a bunch of black tea as well, but the black tea is mostly in the finish.”

David Lalonde,


Maple Syrup


Black Tea