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May 2018

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De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters
Inga Aponte

“I find it has a red grape, winey flavour - like a dark, winey flavour to it with a really nice chocolatey backbone that comes with it. It's super-balanced, quite sweet and really smooth.”

Brendan Adams,

Director of Operations and Training


Red Grape


Cut Coffee
Inyenga Co-op

'"My first sip of Iyenga was at a blind cupping of potential menu samples. The syrupy blackberry and stewed plum left me proclaiming, 'this is bonkers!'"

Lee Knuttila,

Head Roaster and Green Buyer

Red Plum


Vanilla Cherry Cola

Propeller Coffee Co.
Mara Tarime

“It's got that super-bright upfront fruit and its insane acidity to it - like a Kenyan has, but a little bit more. It's an amazing coffee, flavour-wise.”

Jonathan Cox,

Head Roaster



Dark Chocolate


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