Featured In March 2018

Detour Coffee Roasters
Toarco Jaya, Sulawesi

“The Sulawesi comes out with a sweet, chocolatey and cocoa backbone. It’s a really unique coffee that has a spice note to the aftertaste. It’s almost a raspberry fruitiness at the beginning, but the ending is that spice aftertaste.”

Ryan McCabe,

Head of Accounts




Propeller Coffee Co.
Burundi Ngozi

“It’s pretty typical for Burundi but it’s a little bit cleaner. It’s still got that nice black tea flavour… And then that very sweet dried fruit –raisins and figs – then a really nice sparkling acidity.”

Jonathan Cox,

Head Roaster


Dried Apricot


Elysian Coffee Roasters
Mystery Coffee

“It has a lot of classic chocolate and nutty characteristics, but there is certainly a soft complex acidity that makes this coffee something special. Think stewed apples.”

Christopher Rodgers,

Quality Control



Stewed Apple