Montreal, Quebec



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"At Kittel, we’ve always made it our number one focus to produce a consistently high-quality product. For us, this means sourcing exceptional coffee, building strong and transparent relationships, maintaining high standards of quality control and constantly working to improve everything,”- Liam Robichaud, Director of Coffee, Kittel Coffee Co.

This approach to developing long-term partnerships is a cornerstone of Kittel’s business model. You can see this being executed with our last December’s offering at The Roasters Pack, the Las Orquideas Decaf

“Las Orquideas is a women’s group in Colombia that spans several communities in the region of Huila. RGC [importer] has been sourcing coffee from the group for a few years now and has introduced us to the excellent quality lots they produce,” continues Liam.

The objective of the Las Orquideas project is to improve the conditions of women coffee producers by offering training workshops, better access to capital, as well as other programs. Support from roaster’s like Kittel is imperative to keep these initiatives going.


“Our ethos with respect to buying coffee is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.”

As far as roasting goes, Kittel’s technique is no less meticulous:

“We do extensive testing of every coffee to find where it’s tasting best on the cupping table. Then we do extensive brewing and espresso tests to see how best to recommend the coffee for ideal brew methods and parameters. Then we continue to tweak the profile to continue to make improvements.”

“At the end of the day, this Montreal-based roaster is committed to continual improvement and growth, as Liam shares:

“The thing I’m most proud of at Kittel is that the whole team believes in maintaining high standards of consistency and quality. We stand behind what we create and I’m excited about the investments we will make going forward to make even more improvements to our products.”