Hudson, Quebec




The Kaito Origin Story:

“Well, we were just your regular coffee lovers and coffee was a part of our day-to-day that we put a lot of importance on. It was one of those daily rituals that we looked forward to, we had to do, and we liked doing together,” shared Holly von Hoyningen Huene, Co-Founder of Kaito Coffee Roasters on the passion she shares with her husband Paul.

“I think it all kind of escalated from there while we were living in Berlin next to some pretty progressive coffee roasters as they were starting up. We were just going to their cafes and going to their roasteries and taking cuppings. It was just kind of like we were falling down the rabbit hole of awesome coffee.”

This very familiar rabbit hole has trapped many coffee professionals – and it compelled Paul, who was an airline pilot, to take a part-time position as a coffee roaster. The role slowly transitioned to a full-time one, which led to a clear take-off path for Kaito.

“After work, we would come home, we would sit and Paul would tell me about his day. We would talk about the coffee forever. It just became kind of clear that this was something that we really both like. Combine that with the idea that we always wished one day we could work together... it just started making us think, ‘Maybe this is the thing that we could do together.’”

The husband-wife-duo moved back to their hometown of Hudson, Quebec in 2015 and launched their venture called, Kaito Coffee Roasters.

Several years later, they’re creating an exceptional product that can go toe to toe with the more established names - partially because they’ve set a high standard for themselves but also because of a responsibility they feel toward the coffee producer.

“I think because we're always trying to honor the bean. We see our job as a roaster as being ... we can't mess up what the farmer did or the producers are doing.”