June 2018

Featured In June 2018

LÜNA Coffee
Lemon-Tea Daydream

"The flavour of this coffee is bright and crushable, especially as we move into warmer summer mornings. It opens up with sweet lemon, and black tea, realizing the potential of a well-grown and processed washed Castillo. It’s vibrant and dreamy, with soft hints of refreshing botanicals…. Lemon-tea Daydream!"

Laura Perry,

Green Buyer & Co-Owner

Sweet Lemon

Black Tea

Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters
Clementina Ocupa

“Clementina is definitely a lot of caramelized sugar. It's really sweet. A lot of stone fruit in the coffee and a little bit plummy.”

Drew Johnson,


Toasted Sugar

Stone Fruit

Pilot Coffee Roasters
Ana Sora

'"Elegant bergamot, raspberry and deep black tea notes. Smell the aroma as you brew this cup and you won't be dissapointed".

Yadi Arifin,

Owner at Fika Cafe




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