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Featured In February 2020

49th Paralell Coffee Roasters
India Ratnagiri HP5

“This yellow honey processed Indian coffee is full-bodied and sweet with a low-medium acidity. It is a tame cup with soft fruits, brown spice and super-sweet aromatics.”

Tait Noonan,

Quality Control


Red Grape


Drumroaster Coffee Roasters
Martin Ramos

“The flavour profile of this coffee is quite distinct. It’s incredibly sweet, with lots of fresh fruit notes and heavy cocoa in the texture.”

Carsen Oglend,

Coffee Director




Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters
Raro Natural

“I think it’s a pretty excellent representation of what Phil & Sebastian African coffees are all about: wild, nuanced, delicate and very clean - especially for a natural. As it cools, it opens up and really shows its character.”

Chris Tellez,

Account Manager

Peach Nectar




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