Featured In February 2018

Drumroasters Coffee
Martin Ramos

“It’s delicious. It is big time cocoa, with some really nice tropical notes underneath, but it’s so dense and it has so much structure. It’s such a solid Colombian coffee.”

Carsen Oglend,

Coffee Director



Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters
Juan Contreras

“The profile of this coffee is balanced and sweet. There is a pleasant malic acidity reminiscent of baked apples, softened by rich chocolate and nougat.”

Tad Ruszel,

Head Roaster & Production Manager

Baked Apples



Cut Coffee
Rwanda: Kigeyo Station

“It is balanced, with this bright acidity rounding out into sugary sweetness…. The cup is loaded with berry notes that land between blackberry and Swedish Berries candy. Its long, lingering finish is clean with a light haze of gentle caramel and toffee.”

Lee Knuttila,

Head Roaster & Green Buyer



Berry Candy