Looking for a cold coffee drink to help you survive the upcoming summertime heat? Well here’s a fantastic Japanese Iced Coffee recipe from Ryan McCabe at Detour Coffee that’ll do this San Sebastian coffee justice. When comparing it to Cold Brew, this method won’t mask the actual flavours of the coffee.

“Doing a pourover with ice, you actually get elements of the coffee. You get the aromatics and you get notes that you don’t necessarily get with cold brew, so it's more like how a cold coffee would be, rather than a cold brew which is a like another drink all together.”

What you need:

  1. A V60 dripper, carafe, & filter
  2. 200g of water at 200F (approx. 30 seconds off boil) & 200g of ice
  3. 25g of Detour's San Sebastian (finely ground)
  4. A scale & timer
  5. A spoon


  1. Start by wetting the filter in your V60 to remove any of the paper filter taste.
  2. Add in the 200 grams of ice into the carafe.
  3. Pour the 25 grams of finely ground coffee to the V60 filter and start your timer.
  4. Pour 50g of the 200°F water and stir to ensure proper saturation of all dry coffee.
  5. At 30 seconds, start doing 30 gram pulses until you get to 200 g of water.
  6. Do a final circular stir to create a centrifugal force and pull down all the coffee on the sides. You should finish pouring at the 2 minute mark.
  7. Enjoy!

TIP: Use filtered water to make your ice. Since it is going to be about half of the final beverage, you want to make sure that when it melts it keeps your drink as pristine as possible!