de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters


Toronto, ON


"We were very lucky, I have to say, when we were opening the business" says Felix Cha, referring to the warm welcome uptown Toronto has given him and his brother Won's cafe.

It's soon clear that it was more than just good fortune that has made their reputation. It's the coffee. What sets this cafe apart is their very deliberate approach to roasting and drinking coffee.

Headaches and Glory

"There are a lot of headaches - the more you know about coffee." explains Felix, "The weather, the roasting, the barista, the dialing.". He stays on top of it as best as he can.

Training for coffee cupping competitions is a routine. Dozens of cups are being tasted each day because there is no way of telling what's going to come up in competition.

He looks for more than just flavour. Because coffee has so many variables in it's taste, competitors need to look for more subtle differences in the coffee, such as acidity, using different brewing methods.

"I don't think there are answers... You need to look for the potential in the bean."