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Featured in March 2014

Carvalho - Brazillian Medium Dark

Brazilian Medium Dark

"This roast gives us lower acidity and brings up the chocolaty and nutty flavours."




Also In March 2014

A True Craft Coffee

It is a bit surprising to find this delicious coffee tucked behind a Lexus dealership in a low traffic industrial plaza. Visually, this roaster doesn’t exactly look like what one would expect of a roaster that produces great coffee – heck not even one that produces coffee – maybe instead a small warehouse. However, once you take a sip of Carvalho Coffee and hear the story of Gabriel de Carvalho Dias, the owner and roaster, you understand that the appearance is most definitely irrelevant. This artisanal roast provides a diverse flavor profile from an award winning coffee bean. This bean has received substantial props from the “Cup of Excellence” competition, which has often been called the Oscars of the coffee world. What makes this even more impressive is that the beans came directly from his farm back in his home country of Brazil.

From the family farm

His family has been farming coffee since 1890 and has quite the reputation. Gabriel’s technical background in agronomy helped bring the beans to the award winning level it is at today.

In 1994 he began at the farm and for 16 years he was happily enjoying the busy lifestyle of managing a socially responsible farm with 70 employees living on the property (a property which even has a school for the employees’ children). However, four years ago, he put his family first and followed his children to Canada as they were beginning their university careers. Despite being in an unfamiliar country, he was awfully familiar with coffee and as such began his enterprise as a roaster.

Making it in Canada

This soft spoken Brazilian is adamant about how he roasts his beans to ensure that flavor comes through with the drink. The work ethic learned on the farm comes through with this roasting enterprise, as the roasting, the packaging of the coffee and the labeling are all completed by Gabriel himself as he works to make a name for himself in Canada with his deliciously diverse roast.