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Featured In August 2019

De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters
Miguel Rodriguez

“This year it’s very winey - red wine, sparkling wine or even like skin-contact wine. You also get those nice citrusy notes, which are very tangerine-like.”

Romain Martin,

Account Manager

White Grape


White Wine

Luna Coffee
Bright Berry

“We got excited about this coffee because we feel like it tastes like raspberries. Which is pretty awesome. And a softer pastry with a buttery body. More on the delicate side, but like, raspberry and kind of floral fruit. You know, kind of like lychee and that kind of thing.”

Laura Perry,

Co-Owner and Green Buyer




Rosso Coffee Roasters
Rugali Natural

“As flavor goes, I would say fresh strawberry, like a juicy, plump strawberry. There's a lot of chocolatey notes but more in a realm of a chocolate mousse or a creamy, sweet chocolate, like a chocolate truffle. I usually get a lot of stone fruit qualities, like a nectarine.

Cole Torode,

Director of Coffee

Chocolate Truffle



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