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Spirit Tea

Spirit Tea is an American importer passionate about connecting tea producers with enthusiasts, offering exceptional teas that highlight nature's beauty and foster a sense of community. Their mission is to inspire a deeper appreciation for tea, from cultivation to cup.

Any questions?

How do I get free shipping?

Not currently a subscriber? All orders over $45 get free shipping across Canada & USA. Pretty sweet eh?

If you are a subscriber (or have an on-going gift), you get free shipping on everything via bundling.

Use the coupon code IMASUBSCRIBER and that'll let the team know to bundle it with your upcoming shipment.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

How fast is shipping? What do you ship with?

We try our best to ship out your orders ASAP (for non-scheduled orders, aka not our gifts or subscriptions)!

It usually takes about 1-2 days for us to process the order - and most orders are shipped with an expedited service which takes about 1-6 days (depending on how far away from Toronto you are).