Sibarist FAST Paper Filter - FLAT | CONE

$21.00 CAD



OK these filters are fast. WAY fast. Perfect if you like to push the boundaries of extraction. You like to grind fine? Do it with Sibarist.

Hate the feeling of stalled brews? Tired of a clogged 5 minute pourover when brewing those high density, light roasted, washed Ethiopian coffees? That all ends with Sibarist.

The FAST provides a greater speed of extraction during your brewing process, allowing you to change the extraction variables defined until now for cone shaped drippers, permitting the desired characteristics of the coffee to be enhanced, new flavours and cup profiles to be obtained, and your coffees to be rediscovered.

In our experience, the Sibarist filters are at least 20-25s faster than the Hario and Kalita counterparts.

The filter adapts to conical commercial V60’s with open bottom and similar brewers.

Cone Size M - Origami M, Hario V60-02, Kono 4 cups, Cafec Flower M

Flat - April Brewer, Kalita 155 / 185, Orea Brewer

100% organic paper
Manufactured in Barcelona

View the Sibarist White Paper here

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