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Virtual/Zoom Coffee Tastings? Let's do it!


Hey Coffee Friends!

Looking for a fun (virtual) coffee tasting experience for you and your co-workers? 

Sarah Ball Cupping at Cup Tasters World competition - photo courtesy of De Mello Palheta

Let us mail you 6 different coffees to try!

Not only will it be a fun tasting (who doesn't want to try 6 coffees?), but our Coffee Educator, Sarah Ball will walk you through the coffees and teach you a thing or two about coffee! 

If you don't know who Sarah Ball is - she's not only an awesome human being, she actually is literally the best coffee taster in Canada.

She took home 1st place at the 2019 Canadian Cup Taster Competition, and represented Canada to bring home 6th place in the world! 

Pretty amazing eh?

On the Zoom coffee tasting, we'll cover:

  • What even is coffee? What are some of the different things that can impact the taste of coffee?
  • How to brew your coffee better!
  • Tasting coffee! How to think about tasting - as well as walking through some of the wide ranges of tastes in the 6-coffee-blind box that we'll send you!

For now, tastings can be booked for private events (so if you and your co-workers are looking for something fun to do), reach out! We’d love to mail you some coffee and run a virtual coffee tasting for you and your friends.

This virtual tasting starts at $39.95 - which includes shipping, the 6 coffees and the zoom tasting session (as long as you have more than 5 people).

Interested in booking a fun coffee tasting? Contact us here!


Coffee Tasting Session

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