Hey Coffee Friends!

Looking for a fun (virtual) coffee tasting experience for you and your co-workers? 

Let us mail you 6 different coffees to try!

Not only will it be a fun tasting (who doesn't want to try 6 coffees?), but a member of our coffee education team will walk you through the coffees and teach you a thing or two about coffee! 

On the Zoom coffee tasting, we'll cover:

  • What even is coffee? What are some of the different things that can impact the taste of coffee?
  • How to brew your coffee better!
  • Tasting coffee! How to think about tasting - as well as walking through some of the wide ranges of tastes in the 6-coffee-blind box that we'll send you!

For now, tastings can be booked for private events (so if you and your co-workers are looking for something fun to do), reach out! We’d love to mail you some coffee and run a virtual coffee tasting for you and your friends.

This virtual tasting starts at $39.95 - which includes shipping within Canada, the 6 coffees and the zoom tasting session (as long as you have more than 5 people).


Coffee Tasting Session
November 08, 2020 — Suneal Pabari

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