Hey All!

This is a pretty exciting time for us here at The Roasters Pack - we're going to be doing shipments every week now!

A change we’ve had penciled in as “oh, it'd be nice to offer that flexibility to our subscribers”, but actually making it happen has always felt SO so far away.

Thanks to the hard work of the team here (Matt, Lauren, Hannah - you are rockstars), we’ve been able to finally get started this month.

So - why was this something we were always intrigued by? Why should you be excited? And what does this mean for your on-going subscription?

We want to make sure you are getting coffee when you want it. Simple, right?

But, we know that every person has their own coffee routine, and it doesn’t always fit nicely into a monthly schedule (especially when some months you get coffee every 4 weeks, and then every once in a while you'll have to wait 5 weeks). It’s kind of annoying to think about eh?

“Does July have 5 weeks? If so, I better stock up on coffee!” - said, absolutely no one, ever.

Also, if you find you're drinking this months' coffee a bit slower than normal, we didn’t really have a great option for bumping your next shipment back. Now? You can bump it back a week or two while you get through those beans.

Also - want to buy someone a gift? Well, with our shipments being only twice a month, it might not show up near the date you had hoped.

But now! Problems have been solved!

Here’s how things will work now:

You’re going to receive your subscription every 4 weeks, shipping out on Mondays, as usual.

If you want to buy a gift, you have way more flexibility - you can pick and choose which exact Monday you’d like us to ship it out. 6 dates for you to pick from!

Go on vacation and you now have too much coffee? It was hot out so you drank a bit less coffee than usual? We can bump back your next delivery by a week. Or two. Or three. Then you’ll be back on your regular schedule of every 4 weeks. No problem at all!

Figure out your ideal coffee-drinking cadence? Is it 24 ounces of coffee every 5 weeks? 36 ounces of coffee every 7 weeks? Let us know and we can set up your subscription to work just the way you’d like it to. 

Flexibility! Feels pretty magical eh?

As always, if you have any questions, you can check out our FAQ or reach out to us here!


Suneal @ The Roasters Pack

November 29, 2021 — Suneal Pabari

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