We have moments – where we’re having a conversation with someone within the coffee industry and something they tell us blows us away. Whether it’s to do with their roasting strategy or maybe something we would never think about, like, what baskets are they putting the coffee cherry in after it is picked and how that impacts quality?

Those moments makes us realize that this simple beverage we drink every day and take for granted, really isn’t quite so simple after all.

We wish we could articulate that fascination with this journey and its complexity but it’s not easy! There’s so much to it.

A Film About Coffee Logo

Well the production company Avocados & Coconuts, with the director of A Film About Coffee, Bradon Loper, shouldered this challenge and was able to articulate the adventure that takes a seed to a delicious cup of coffee.

Clearly inspired by a dang good, delicious cup of coffee because just like a great cup, this film had depth. Rather than being a simplistic and stale educational how-to guide it is a beautifully shot story that shares a bit of personality too.

You could say it's a little bit like a trip to origin, from your living room.

It’s also a great source of knowledge for those not aware of some aspects of coffees. Take processing for example, George Howell (founder of  the Cup of Excellence) had an amazing quote on how it’s described:

“Processing, if you’re getting ripe fruit & ripe coffee, that’s the landscape. So now you’ve picked the beautiful landscape, but the processing is like window through which you see the landscape. If the processing isn’t perfect, your window’s dirty.”

It also showed some personality behind the cup of coffee, which we loved. Specifically the dance-processing of the Rwandan coffee on the mucilage. Or maybe when Michael Phillips of Handsome Coffee Roasters described Barista competitions as: “Part Olympics, Part Dog-Show, Part Personal Crisis.”

Check it out and be sure to use the coupon code ROASTERSPACK to get 15% off!

April 08, 2015 — The Roasters Pack Staff

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