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Chemex Classic 6 Cup CoffeeMaker

This brewer is incredibly notorious - but not just for its beautiful glass look that lets you ogle at the coffee as it drips down. It makes one of the cleanest cups of coffee you'll ever taste. It's the reason why so many specialty coffee cafes offer this method as a brewing option in their shops.


It's a classic. 


It's even in the product name - "Chemex Classic Coffee Maker". But don't believe us? Just ask the MOMA NY museum or even a few other art gallery's around the world that feature this beauty of a coffee maker. Molded from glass with a beautiful wooden collar and leather tie.


So, turn your kitchen into an Art Gallery with this Chemex Coffee maker. 


Check out our latest Chemex Brewing Guide for light and bright coffees!


(Also great for brewing Cascara - like in the photo, or our Cascara brew guide).


Shipping from Canada - so no extra duties or import charges when you receive it, Canadians!

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