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<h3>Coffee Kids Fundraising</h3>

Coffee Kids helps coffee farming communities and their families to thrive. We want to help contribute and that’s why every Roasters Pack has a portion of the profits donated to Coffee Kids.

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Canada Post Award Finalist + The Roasters Pack in the Media?

August 26, 2014

Woohoo! We recently found out that we were one of the 3 companies who were selected as Finalists for the 2014 E-Commerce Innovation awards. It’s unbelievable to us that service that we started 6 months ago is getting recognized. Every single day we’re striving to improve, so it means a lot to us to see others feel positively about what we’re doing as well. However, it wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for our fans and our subscribers. That's you! Thanks for being a part of this and supporting us throughout this amazingly delicious adventure. We’re going to keep working our tails off to improve and make the coffee world a better place! Also, as part of being a...

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Cascara, the Coffee Cherry Tea with a How-To Brew Guide

August 04, 2014

Cascara Coffee Tea - Brewing
When the coffee cherry is processed to become the coffee bean that we know and love today, one of the key processes is the removal of the skin that surrounds the bean.

That skin on the fruit of the coffee cherry, also known as the coffee husk (‘husk’ or ‘skin’ translated in Spanish is Cascara, hence the name) is usually either a wasted product of coffee production or used as a fertilizer.

However it can actually make quite a tasty beverage.


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