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3 Amazing Summer Time Coffee Drinks for the August Issue of The Roasters Pack

August 05, 2015

AeroPress Iced Coffee Coarse Ground

One step outside and you it hits you.  You can practically taste the humidity. Ah; summer time in Canada: When the nation of ice hockey turns into a sauna.

Canadian clichés aside (eh), we’ve got some incredible coffee solutions for you that are quite tasty!

They pair quite well with the August issue of The Roasters Pack, so break out your coffees and let’s get brewing!

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"A Film About Coffee" Documentary

April 08, 2015

A Film About Coffee Logo

We have moments – where we’re having a conversation with someone within the coffee industry and something they tell us blows us away. Whether it’s to do with their roasting strategy or maybe something we would never think about, like, what baskets are they putting the coffee cherry in after it is picked and how that impacts quality?

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