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This Coffee is Decaf (Ethiopian Sugar Cane Decaffeination)

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Yes, believe it or not - decafs can be delicious. This one is quite rare too for a decaf, because of the origin and the processing. Check out the details:

Varietal: 1974-1975 JARC Selections & Local Landraces

Process: Natural 

Decaffeination Method: Sugar Cane 

Producer: Haile Figa - working with 476 farmers in the kebele (community) of Halo Hartume

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Gedeb, Gedeo

“I would recommend this to both decaf and non-decaf drinkers alike,” Dustin Ryan Yu, the Director of Coffee at This Coffee Co. told us.

“It’s not often you come across an Ethiopian decaffeinated using the sugarcane method. The sugarcane process began in Colombia and I had thought it was only used there to decaffeinate Colombian coffees. I saw this one on an offering sheet and decided it would be fun to taste, and sure enough, it was delicious and so different from the decafs I’ve had in the past,” Yu shared excitedly.

This is a quintessential Ethiopian with floral notes that linger in the fragrance and aroma as it cools. These notes are complemented by the fruit-forward notes courtesy of the natural processing it went through.

“The natural processing shows up in the form of jammy fruit; natural processed Ethiopians tend to have a more ripe and jam-like fruit note, and this one shows more ripe yellow fruit like nectarines and pineapple.”

When brewing this, Yu opts for a filter brew method. “I would recommend brewing this one on a flat bottom dripper like Kalita Wave or Orea. I find that flat drippers tend to bring out more body and sweetness. Aim for 15g to 240g water, with a brew time of about 2m15s.”

Roasted on November 21, 2022.

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