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THIS Coffee Sampler Box!

This box set is the perfect sampler from our sister company, This Coffee Co.


Do you like variety with your specialty coffee? This bundle combines all of This Coffee Co.'s bestsellers, from fruit-bomb brews to chocolatey espressos.


This sampler box contains six different coffees with 125g per bag.




This Coffee is Chocolatey

Calling all choco-lovers, this one's for you! This Guatemalan brew is nutty and sweet, reminding us of roasted nuts and chocolate bars. It makes the perfect cozy brew and is approachable enough to drink first thing in the morning.


This Coffee is Earthy

This medium-to-dark roast coffee hails from the unique origin of Sumatra. The region outputs earthy, savoury coffees with tasting notes of cedar and tobacco smoke. This coffee is bold and perfect for anyone who likes traditional tasting notes with a twist.


This Coffee is Dark

This coffee is our take on a traditional roasty brew. With tasting notes of burnt sugar, dark chocolate, and roasted almonds, this Brazillian bean has low acidity and mixes wonderfully with milk.


This Coffee is Espresso

This is a classic espresso! It contains notes of chocolate and toffee and, when blended with milk, creates a latte that's not unlike a chocolate shake! The blend of Brazil and Colombia brings a medium-acidity with a cozy nuttiness in the profile.


This Tea is Cascara

You might not expect tea in the THIS Coffee Sampler Box, but this tea might be a little more related to coffee than you think! Cascara is crafted from the husk of the coffee cherry, and tastes sweet like honey, with a subtle apple cider-like acidity. 


This Coffee is Fruity

If you like fruity coffee that packs a powerful punch, this one's for you. This coffee hails from Ethiopia, a region renowned for light and fruity brews brimming with complexity. With tasting notes of strawberry and stone fruit, this clean cup adds a little brightness to your morning.

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