The Roasters Pack

The Choco-Lover Bundle (3 Months of The Roasters Pack, Liquid Chocolate, Chachalate, Mocha Cold Brew & more)

The ultimate tasting adventure for a coffee lover who has a sweet spot for chocolate. Featuring a 3-month subscription, liquid chocolate, chocolate tea, choco-cold brew and a Cocao Tumeric Tea. What more could you ask for?

  • A 3-Month Subscription to The Roasters Pack
  • Liquid Chocolate by Rebel Chocolate (340g)
  • Taster 3 Pack of Chachalate (3 bars x 65g)
  • 3-Pack of Station Cold Brew - Mocha Oat M*lk (3 x 330ml)
  • Blume Tea - Cacao Turmeric Blend (125g)

Get it for only 199.95. Normally over $219!

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