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The Roasters Pack

Specialty Coffee 101 Bundle

Hoping to gift someone the world of specialty coffee? This comprehensive bundle covers all your specialty coffee must-haves and makes the perfect gift for any budding barista in your life.




3 Month 3x8oz Coffee Subscription

This coffee subscription ships you three different 8oz bags of whole-bean coffee right to your door! The three-month supply will take you on a coffee adventure, showcasing three different light and fruity brews with handy info sheets about the origin, processing and other fun facts! First shipment heading out on December 13th, 2021!


"The World Atlas of Coffee" by James Hoffman

This book, written by coffee-icon James Hoffman, takes you on a global journey through coffee harvesting, processing and roasting. This is a comprehensive guide that goes country-by-country, explaining coffee production in over 35 countries. The perfect book for any coffee-history connoisseur!


"Sip n Slurp" by Freda Yuan

This book really tingles the senses! "Sip n Slurp" is a toolkit to help you hone in on your sensory awareness while tasting coffee. It teaches about different flavour perceptions and sensory experiences to help you decipher the subtle complexities between brews.


Coffee Tasting Journal

Sometimes, tasting coffee is like an experiment; you need to try out different brew methods to get the perfect cup. That's where the Coffee Tasting Journal comes in handy; you can jot down vital info about the coffee, like origin, tasting notes, and the pourover method that tasted the best. This minimalist journal not only looks cool, but it's also super helpful!


Perfect Coffee Water

Looking to enhance your brew? Perfect Coffee Water has created a solution of minerals to bring out the most in your specialty coffee. This box contains three sachets and produces 3 gallons (11.3 litres) of enhanced water. Perfect coffee deserves Perfect Coffee Water!

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