Propeller Coffee Co. (Toronto, Ontario) - Girma Eshetu

"It’s got a super classic Ethiopian flavour profile. You’ll notice a heavy black tea for sure while it’s hot, and a lot of floral notes to it and that’ll get a little bit more less floral and more fruity as it cools and the acid start to really pick up." - Jonathan Cox, Head Roaster at Propeller Coffee Co. on the Girma Eshetu. 

Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Lemon Marmalade, Apricots

We loved this coffee and couldn't resist featuring it in the February 2017 issue! 

Aww shucks. This coffee is sold out! Seasonal origin coffees go by fast... we'll have to wait till next years crop to get into these beans. Want something else that'll be super delicious? Give these other beans by Propeller a try... or perhaps these by Kittel!

Type: Coffee

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