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Pourover Starter Kit (Hario V60, Hario Beaker 600ml, V60 Filters, Coffee Journal, "Craft Coffee: A Manual")

Ahh yes, the classic pourover. What a great way to craft single-serving cups of brew with ease and efficiency. Know someone who wants to up their brewing game? This bundle has everything you need to start serving up sensational pourovers.


Hario V60

The famous V60 coffee maker is an artfully-designed cone that produces a beautifully clean cup of coffee. Not only does it look great, but it’s made to craft high-quality brew that tastes incredibly vibrant and crisp. The lightweight plastic cone can brew up to 4 cups per session and comes with a coffee scoop to help measure the grinds.

Hario Beaker 600ml Server

This beaker makes you feel like you’re crafting a crazy experiment, every time you brew your morning cup. Not only does it look sleek, but it comes with helpful measurements to make sure you’re crushing your pourover game. 

Hario V60 Paper Filters

These unbleached filters are made specifically to work with the Hario V60 in your pack. These sediment-free filters fit the ceramic dripper like a glove and produce a clean cup every time. 

Coffee Tasting Journal

Like any good coffee scientist, you need to keep track of your experiments. That’s where the Coffee Tasting Journal comes in handy, you can jot down vital info about the coffee, like origin, tasting notes, and the pourover method that tasted the best. This minimalist journal not only looks cool, it’s also super helpful too!

Craft Coffee: A Manual by Jessica Easto

A guide written by a coffee enthusiast, for coffee enthusiasts, this book is a comprehensive guide to perfecting the art of brewed coffee. Perfect for the beginner barista or anyone looking to perfect their pourovers.

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