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Flash Brew by Escape Coffee Roasters (4-Pack)

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We've all heard of Cold Brew, now meet your new best friend Flash Brew! Coffee that's brewed hot, flash chilled and brewed immediately with a shot of nitrogen added to kick out the oxygen! The result? A crisp, clean delicious specialty coffee drink that's perfect every time.

The unique brewing process combined with a controlled pasteurization process makes this Flash Brew shelf-stable, perfect for camping, hiking, any place you want to enjoy a specialty coffee bevy.

Escape's Flash Brew offers two different origins:

Cottage: A washed Colombian with notes of grapes, caramel and pear, guaranteed to transport you to someplace warm and sunny. 

Triple A: A washed Ethiopian with notes of raspberry, ripe peach sugar, and Ylang Ylang, a crisp fruity brew that will go down quickly!

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