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Espresso Scrub Soap - The Candid x This Coffee Co. Collab!

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We heard you like washed coffee, eh? Well, a clean cup of coffee doesn't just apply to the processing method anymore...

Introducing Espresso Soap! Made by our friends at The Candid Soap Company, this soap was handcrafted in a small batch using a base of olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, and of course, espresso!

The featured coffee used in this soap is a blend of two direct trade lots from Colombia and Brazil. The added espresso creates a luxurious soap that is exfoliating, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. The tingling scent of peppermint mixed with the subtle coffee note creates a refreshing aroma that will add a little zest of energy to your morning shower. 

Vegan - Palm-Free - Shipped from Toronto, Ontario.

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