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The Roasters Pack

Espresso 101 Bundle

Have an espresso lover in your life? This all-encompassing bundle is the one to get them!


3 Month 2x12oz Espresso Gift Subscription

This espresso gift subscription ships two 12oz bags of coffee explicitly chosen to make killer spro! The three-month subscription means that the lucky recipient will be able to try six different types of espresso, with info sheets guiding them through the origin, processing and other fun facts! First shipment heading out on December 13th, 2021!

"Coffee Art" Book by 5-Time UK Latte Art Champ Dhan Tamang

Want to dive headfirst into the world of latte art? Well, look no further because this book will give you the whole lowdown on creating cool designs from steamed milk. From simple rosettas to complex works of art, this book covers it all!

Coffee Tasting Journal

Sometimes, tasting espresso is like an experiment; you need to try different extraction methods to get the perfect cup. That's where the Coffee Tasting Journal comes in handy; you can jot down vital info about the espresso, like origin, tasting notes, and the extraction ratio that tasted the best. This minimalist journal not only looks cool, but it's also super helpful.

"The Professional Barista's Handbook" by Scott Rao

This book covers the art of preparing specialty espresso. With a no-nonsense guide to steaming milk, espresso extraction and brewing ratios, this book serves as a practical guide to being the best home barista possible.

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