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The Roasters Pack

The Chocolate Lover (Chachalate 3-Pack, Rebel Liquid Chocolate, This Coffee is Chocolatey)

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Do you have a choco-lover in your life? This bundle combines high-quality chocolate with specialty coffee to create the delicious duo that goes oh-so-well together.


Chachalate 3-Pack

A Toronto-based chocolate company that crafts small-batch chocolates intended to highlight the unique origins of cacao (sound familiar, eh?). 

- Tanzania Bright (Tasting notes: Raspberry, Cherry, Plum, Lemon)

Okanagan Cherry (Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Cherry, Plum)

- Caramel & Cocoa Nib Crunch (Crunchy Pieces of Caramel & Roasted Cocoa Nibs)

    - Silver winner at the 2021-22 International Chocolate Awards!

Rebel Liquid Chocolate

A single-origin chocolate from Tanzania in liquid form, resembling your favourite dark chocolate bar, just a bit melted. This 340g bag is perfect for blending into hot or cold drinks and pairs exquisitely with coffee, adding a silky richness to any bevy, (mocha anyone?)

This Coffee is Chocolatey

No chocolate-lovers pack would be complete without some chocolatey coffee! Our sister company, This Coffee Co. has sourced coffee from Guatemala to craft this choco-bomb of a brew. 

This 125g bag of medium-roast coffee comes complete with tasting notes of chocolatey, nutty goodness that makes an approachable morning cup. Not only is this coffee delish, but it also has an awesome story behind it found here!

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