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Hario V60 (02) Ceramic Coffee Dripper (Pour Over Method)

Simplicity is the Hario V60. The famous V60 coffee maker is a ceramic cone that'll produce a beautifully clean cup of coffee and if the pour-over is done correctly, the coffee can be incredibly vibrant and crisp.

One of the cheapest yet most efficient manual methods to make coffee, this ceramic drip not only looks great but also helps retain the heat of the coffee over the lower cost, plastic alternative

This manual coffee dripper can brew up to 4 cups in one session and comes with a coffee scoop for measuring the grinds. Brewing with this method can be easily adjusted through extraction time or pouring method. If you're confused on how this cone can make a great brew, you should watch this!

Flat rate of $10 shipping across Canada. Shipping from Canada, so no duties on the gear!

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