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Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker (with 350 Filters, Funnel, Scoop & Stirrer) & Hario Slim

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This is the winning duo. The Pippen & Jordan of the coffee world. The bread & butter of coffee brewing.

It's the easiest way to get into the brewing coffee properly. The AeroPress gives you clarity on the coffee versus the typical French Press. The Mini Mill is a burr grinder which gives a nice and consistent grind over the blade grinder. 

What is an AeroPress? Well, this odd looking contraption of the AeroPress can actually make great coffee. In fact, great coffee might be an understatement. Perfect your brew and you can compete in the annual Aeropress Championships (which is a serious thing!).

Don't be overwhelmed though! This method can actually be pretty forgiving for newbies. The BPA-free coffee maker is quite small, which makes it fantastic for travelling. No way you're going to settle for a hotel coffee maker on your vacation! You can learn how to brew it by watching our brew guide for the AeroPress!

And when you add in the Hario Slim hand grinder that has an easily adjustable grind setting your mornings are set!

This Aeropress also comes with a 350 paper filters, a funnel for pouring the coffee grounds, a stirrer and a scoop for coffee!

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