Kittel Coffee Co.


Montreal, QC


Walk the Talk:

“When you’re roasting you want the coffees to speak for themselves. Our goal is to enable them to do that by roasting them accordingly,” explained Head Roaster at Kittel Coffee Company, Kevin Floether.

When it comes to the Colombian we featured in the March 2016 issue, what would this coffee be saying if it could speak for itself? Well, quite a lot actually.

“I personally love Colombian coffees – they can be very traditional tasting, but they can also offer much more fruiter aspects and I tend to go for the later over the former.”

What about Ethiopians?

“I’m obsessed with Ethiopian coffees.” explained Kevin Floether at Kittel Coffee. “The fact that Brazil produces a third of the world’s coffee means that a lot of the standard ‘coffee’ tastes are typical Brazilian coffee flavours. I like Ethiopian coffees because it’s the other end of the spectrum. I find them more complex, more nuanced and more delicious.”

Bringing these unique flavours to Kittel coffee drinkers is one of the main goals behind this Montreal roaster as they’re constantly pushing themselves to deliver rich flavors that highlight the coffee-growing regions.

“I’m firmly of the belief that coffee should pique your interest and your intrigue and make you question why hasn’t coffee always tasted like this when it’s grown from a fruit, right?”

Kittel on the Stove Top:

In 2011 Kittel Coffee Company was launched by Guillaume Kittel-Ouimet, who left the finance industry to following his passion of specialty coffee. Kevin explained how Kittel is able to continually produce incredible coffees. It's because of their simple but a very important guiding north star.

“At Kittel we are a humble bunch who constantly strives to improve. That has been a guiding principle here since the day I took control of the coffee program here.”

“Believe it or not I’m paid to learn as much as I can about coffee, which is freakin awesome,” shared Kevin.

“We are also of the belief that everyone can make good coffee. We don't just cater to the top 1% of coffee shops with the best equipment. We make an effort to make coffee accessible for everyone.”