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Proud Mary - Finca Hartmann Lot 119 (Deluxe)

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This month we're bringing Australian coffee culture to Canada! Proud Mary was founded in 2009 in Melbourne, and has expanded to locations in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas. Within these brightly coloured bags are high-quality coffees sourced with a commitment to invest in farmers by buying their coffees year in and year out.

Proud Mary categorizes all of their coffees into one of four categories (sound familiar, anyone??) - Mild, Curious, Wild, and Deluxe.


All bets are off. You’re in the ‘treat yo-self’ or the ‘f-it, I deserve this’ kinda mood. Real deal outliers, these are the most rare and exotic coffees in the world. Period. Representing true flavour and the essence of our passion for coffee, nothing gets us more excited than the mind-blowers. These coffees will change your life.

LIMITED | Panama | Finca Hartmann | Lot 119 | Geisha | Natural

The Hartmann Estate produced a 'Black Jaguar' Natural Geisha that won the 2022 Best of Panama competition. Proud Mary will be serving that coffee at their cafes, but only 22 cups are available, for a price of $150 a cup! This Lot 119 is also a naturally processed Geisha from the same farm!

Geisha from the Hartmanns is world-renowned, with the family most recently winning the Best of Panama 2022 competition with a naturally processed Geisha not unlike this one.

The Hartmann family are one of Panama's pioneers of specialty coffee. Their story starts two generations ago with Alois Hartmann, who settled in Panama in 1912. His son, Ratibor, established Finca Hartmann with 100 hectares of virgin rainforest he inherited from his father. Today, the land is shared by Ratibor’s five children. As it ascends the mountain, the farm has been divided into many tables (plots), with Geisha planted on most of them. The rainforest has been preserved with the coffee grown under the shade of the canopy, and the family continues to plant native trees to ensure the ecosystem's health. The land is famous for bird watching, with around 300 species recorded. It's no surprise then that their coffee carries the Bird Friendly certification.

Roasted on February 16, 2023, in 100 gram tins

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