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Origami Dripper

The stunning Origami Dripper looks like the most beautifully crafted piece of origami, complete with 20 creases to ensure space is being kept between the dripper and paper filter. This ensures the smooth passage of hot water which aids in extraction at various temperatures. 

Echoing this commitment to unique, handcrafted excellence, each Origami Dripper is hand-dipped in their production facility in Japan and made with Mino porcelain. There are four visually stunning colours to choose from, with your choice of wooden or clear base. 

Designed to fuse ultimate functionality with a minimalist beauty, the Origami Dripper fits cone-shaped as well as flat-bottom filters in its versatile design. Works best with the Origami Coffee Filters, or 01 Hario Filters, 1-2 Cup Kono Filters, as well as Kalita 155 Filters.

The Origami dripper is microwave and dishwasher safe, though handwashing is recommended. 

Shipped from Toronto, Ontario

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