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3-Pack of Chachalate Chocolate Bars (65g x 3 Bars)

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Yes. Yes, please.

Quite possibly the sweetest add-on we've got to pair with your coffee, this 3-pack of chocolate bars from the new Toronto chocolate company, Chachalate.


- Madagascar 75% (Tasting notes: Cherry, Fig, Fudge, Raisin, Mango)

- Tanzania 75% (Tasting notes: Raspberry, Cherry, Plum, Lemon)

- India 75% (Tasting notes: Guava, Tropical Fruit, Caramel)

These small-batch, made-to-order chocolates intend to highlight the unique origins of cacao (sound familiar eh?) and have been ethically sourced by Ryan over at Chachalate! Each bar is 65 grams (and oh-so-delicious).

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