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This Coffee is Half-Caf (Ethiopia + Tanzania)

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You know that mid-afternoon conflict? Should you make a coffee? Or should you not?

The answer was right in-front of us. Half-caf!

We developed a blend of two African coffees (one caffeinated Tanzanian, and one decaffeinated Ethiopian) to produce an incredibly delicious coffee.

Tasting notes of Peach Pie, Black Tea, Tangerine.

It tastes like the sunset - bright and a little bittersweet. The perfect way to end your work day.

Varietal: 1974-1975 JARC Selections & Local Landraces + Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon

Process: Natural + Washed

Decaffeination Method: Sugar Cane 

Producer: Haile Figa - working with 476 farmers in the kebele (community) of Halo Hartume + Iyenga AMCOS, 193 Members

Country: Ethiopia + Tanzania

Region: Gedeb, Gedeo + Mbozi District, Songwe Region, Southern Tanzania

Roasted on November 21, 2022.

This Coffee is Half-Caf// This Coffee is Local // This Coffee is Ethical // This Coffee is Environmentally Friendly // This Coffee is Delicious.

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