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This Coffee is Exclusive Vol #3: Pink Bourbon Extended Fermentation by Gabriel Castaño

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Did you know, as you take a sip of this oh-so-delicious Pink Bourbon coffee, you're taking a sip of innovation at its finest?

Gabriel Castaño, the farmer of this delectable coffee, is deemed the "Godfather of Pink Bourbon" and is credited with distributing and popularizing the coffee varietal in Colombia.

As the recognized founder of the varietal, he also put in a lot of hours tailoring a specific processing method to bring out the most sweetness and character in the bean. The technique he uses has become widespread in the area over the past few years after experimenting with ways to add more punch and complexity to the coffee.

The celebrated method starts with Castaño keeping the coffee cherries in a sealed bag for two days after harvesting. He then pulps the coffee, and ferments it in a sealed bag for three days before washing and drying the coffee.

The result? A bit of a roller coaster in the best way possible, with the coffee’s processing, varietal, and Colombian origin all shining through. This makes for a pretty cool cup that's loaded with tropical fruit and complexity.

It's a super delicious cup, but there's more to our purchase than just that.

As a small company, where we spend our money is how we can have the biggest impact. As green coffee is our largest expense, we need to be meticulous in how we choose what to source. 

We wanted to ensure that some of our funds go to producers who are innovating and sharing that innovation with their neighbouring farms. Gabriel is a prime example of a producer we want to work with – exploring different varieties, processing, and spreading the technical knoweldge all around. 

Tasting notes of Passionfruit, Milk Chocolate, Cane Sugar

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Washed with Extended Fermentation

Source: La Granada, Huila, Colombia

125 gram bag of whole bean coffee.

Limited quantities available. 

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