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Station Cold Brew - 3-Pack of Mocha Oat M*lk Latte

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Like the chocolate milk you drank as a kid, but for grown-ups, and also vegan!

Station’s Mocha Oat M*lk Latte begins with their classic 18-hour slow-brewed coffee, mixed with dairy-free chocolate for a rich finish. This dessert in a bottle is blended with 100% Canadian grown, gluten-free oats to create the perfect, velvety texture that will leave your mouth watering for more.

The best part? It’s not overbearingly sweet like most other mocha equivalents. The subtle sweetness stemming from organic cane sugar creates a balanced and smooth treat, and can be enjoyed either hot or iced!

Organic - Dairy-Free - Slightly Sweetened With Organic Cane Sugar

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