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Proud Mary - Ghost Rider (Wild)

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This month we're bringing Australian coffee culture to Canada! Proud Mary was founded in 2009 in Melbourne, and has expanded to locations in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas. Within these brightly coloured bags are high-quality coffees sourced with a commitment to invest in farmers by buying their coffees year in and year out.

Proud Mary categorizes all of their coffees into one of four categories (sound familiar, anyone??) - Mild, Curious, Wild, and Deluxe.


Feeling a little bit adventurous, up for something more? Keen to explore? Maybe ready to let the hair down and try something new but not go too “cray.” Be curious.

"Ghost Rider" - Brazil | Ethiopia | Mixed | Natural

Proud Mary's Ghost Rider blend is designed to cut through milk and create a sweet and fruity latte or espresso. Its flavour profile is exciting and easy to brew - a coffee for the adventurous!

Ghost Rider is comprised of natural processed coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia. The Brazil brings the chocolate and the base - the Ethiopian brings the fruit and the treble. This fine recipe won the Golden Bean Award in Australia in 2013 and then went on to win three more gold medals back-to-back!

Roasted on February 16, 2023, in 250 gram bags

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